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Manual Transmission Identification Tags

NISSAN Manual Transmission
Identification Tag
NISSAN Manual Transmission Identification Tag
HONDA Manual Transmission
Identification Tag Location

HONDA Manual Transmission
Identification Tag Location

TOYOTA Manual Transmission
Identification Plate
Normally located on the Firewall or Inner Wheel Cover the plate will list the Engine and Transmission Models
Manual Transmission Identification Tag

Transmission Information Picture if available
221 Manual Transmission Getrag 221, 5-speed manual transmission found in 2000 to 2002 Lincoln LS  
259 Manual Transmission 3 speed manual transmission found in FORD Cars & Pickup Trucks in 1955-1962
2 versions were made 1 with OD & 1 without OD
9 Bolt rectangular side cover
284 Manual Transmission Getrag 284, 5 speed FWD manual transmission
Transverse mounted, Aluminum case with cast # starting with 284.XXXXX.X
8 bolt rear cover on early & 11 bolt metal cover on late model

Manual Transmission Parts  : Manual Transmission Identification for

What's the difference between a Standard Transmission, Manual Transmission, Stick Shift and a Gear Box?
Actually they are just different names used for transmissions that you must Manually Shift to change gears and normally requires you to manually release a clutch (clutch pedal) during the shift. Which is unlike an Automatic trans. where the transmission upshifts and downshifts automatically.

Manual transmissions most often use a manually (driver operated) gear shifter or stick.
Most Car & Pickup truck manual transmissions will allow the driver to select almost any forward gear at any time when your moving forward.

Some transmissions refered to as sequential shift transmissions ONLY allow you to select the next higher or lower gear.
As an example you can upshift from 3rd to 4th gear or downshift from 3rd to 2nd gear. But will not allow a jump shift from 2nd gear to 4th, or 4th to 2nd gear. These can be found in some performance cars and in racing applications that require fast (slap) shifts without the danger missing the correct gear.

Non Synchronized / Unsynchronized transmissions have been discontinued in most automotive cars & light trucks, but are still the main type of transmissions for heavy trucks and machinery.
Since these Diesel Tractor Trailor Rigs use Non Synchronized Transmissions the drivers need to Double Clutch when shifting gears.
This Double Clutching allows the transmission gears to match the engine speed (via the Input Shaft) for an instant, that allows the various gears to smoothly mesh together. When you hear all of the Grinding Noises, you know they missed the Shift Speed window and will need to Double Clutch again to match the engine & gear (rotation) speeds.

Basic Double Clutch UPSHIFT accurs when the engine is at the correct (high end) rpm.
Release Throttle & Depress Clutch > shift transmission to Neutral
Release Clutch Pedal (Input shaft speed slows to the dropping engine speed)
Depress Clutch pedal again > smoothly Shift the transmission to the next higher gear. With just a little practice this all takes place in seconds, and in time you learn to feel and hear the correct time to shift..

Basic Double Clutch DOWN SHIFTs accur when the engine rpm DROPS to is low operating rpm.
Release Throttle & Depress Clutch > shift transmission to Neutral
Release Clutch Pedal and INCREASE ENGINE RPM (increases input shaft speed to match transmission gear speed)
Depress Clutch pedal again > smoothly Shift the transmission to the next lower gear. Downshifts are much more difficult than upshifts and requires practice on flat roads before you attempt this on hills!

Modern cars use Synchronized manual transmissions.
Some older Synchronized transmissions didn't Synchronize 1st gear and required a stop to downshift from 2nd to 1st gear.
With the development of a full synchromesh transmission almost everyone could shift smoothly without all of the gear grinding the early transmissions had problems with. Synchromesh transmission gears are always in mesh and rotating, but by using shift forks, hubs & sliders, different gears can be locked to the shaft or allowed to rotate freely changing the output speed..

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