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NV4500 - Manual Transmission, Gaskets & Seals

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Gaskets & Seals
Part #    Name & Description Image Price    
334074C       SEAL, Rear Seal (2wd GM)
Industry Ref # 19970


382074       SEAL, Various Rear seal & Adapter Seal (4wd)
AX15, Adapter Seal (4wd)
BA10, Rear Seal (4wd)
NV4500, Adapter Seal (GM, Dodge) (4wd)
R151, Adapter Seal (V8) (92-Up)
Industry Ref # 19601


334076       SEAL, Brake Drum Seal (2.84" OD)
Industry Ref # 17773CR


334076A       SEAL, Brake Drum Seal (3.50" OD)
Industry Ref # 24982


334070       SEAL, Front Seal
Industry Ref # 16780


424074       SEAL, Rear Seal (3.035" x 2.125")
(Transmissions) NV4500, Rear Seal (2wd Dodge) Diesel (3.035" x 2.125")
NV5600, Rear Seal (2wd)
(Transfer case) NP 208, NP 241, NP 261, NP 263, Rear Output Seal
Industry Ref # 21938


334074       SEAL, Rear Seal (2wd Dodge)
Industry Ref # 16725


334074A       SEAL, Rear Seal (GM w/ Bolt-on Yoke)
Industry Ref # 18972


M469BLA       RTV Gasket Maker Silicone 11 ox tube, Black
This is a must have product for case covers, housings, shifter covers and installing metal clad seals.
Silicone (11 oz Tube) (Black)


M469A       Gasket Maker Silicone (3 oz Tube) (Red)
prev #M465A



Manual Transmission Parts  : Gaskets & Seals for NV4500

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