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Transfer Case Bearing Kits, Gasket & Seal kits & Catalog link
Quick Reference Chart by CASE Code
JEEP, Transfer Case
Transfer case
Years & Information Bearing Kits Gasket & Seal kits Parts list
BW13051974-79, Quadratrac BK1305 TSK1305 BW1305
Dana181944-49, 134ci, 19mm OD Idler Shaft BK18B TSK20 Dana18
Dana181950-61, 134ci, 28.6mm OD Idler Shaft BK18A TSK20 Dana18
Dana181961-71, 134ci, 31.8mm OD Idler Shaft BK18 TSK20 Dana18
Dana181965-71, 225ci BK18 TSK20 Dana18
Dana201966-73 BK20 TSK20 Dana18
Dana201974-79 BK20A TSK20 Dana18
Dana3001980-86 BK300 TSK300 Dana18
MP15222008-up, Liberty TBA TBA MP1522
MP30222008-up, Liberty TBA TBA MP3022
NP1402005-up BK476 TSK245J NP133
NP1462006-up BK476 TSK245J NP133
NP1472004 BK484A TSK247 NP133
NP2471984-87 BK207 TSK207 NP247
NP2081980-86 BK208 TSK208 NP208
NP2191980-82 BK228-9 TSK208 NP201
NP2281984-86 BK228-9 TSK208 NP228
NP2291982-91 BK228-9 TSK208 NP229
NP2311987-93 BK231 TSK231 NP231
NP2311994, 24mm Thick Input Bearing BK231 TSK231 NP231
NP2311994, 16mm Thick Input Bearing BK231J TSK231J NP231
NP2312002-2007, Except Liberty BK231J TSK231J NP231
NP2312002-2007 , Liberty BK231JA TSK231JA NP231
NP2412003-2007 BK241J TSK241J NP241
NP2421987-94 BK242 TSK242 NP242
NP2421995-2001 BK242B TSK242B NP242
NP2422007-2007 BK242C TSK242B NP242
NP2452005-up BK476 TSK245J NP244
NP2471999-2004 BK484 TSK247 NP247
NP2491993-94 BK249J TSK249 NP249
NP2491995-2004 BK249JA TSK249 NP249

Transfer Case Parts  : JEEP, Transfer Case for Transfer Case Index by Make & Case Code

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