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Standard Transmission Bearing Kits & Bearing Kits with synchronizers
Quick Reference Chart by CASE Code
Trans Code Years & Information Bearing Kits Bearing Kits with synchronizers Parts list
A21985-89 BK238 BK238WS A2
A2B51985-87 BK238 BK238WS A2B5
A2K51985-87 BK238 BK238WS A2K5
APG62003-07 BK471 BK471WS APG6
ATC62004-07 BK510 N/A ATC6
D21988-89 BK329 BK329WS D2
D21990-91 BK330 BK330WS D2
GF1973-79 N/A N/A - BK198WS GF
GJ1980-83 BK197 N/A GJ
GK1979-83 BK186 BK186WS GK
GM1980-83 BK197 N/A GM
GM1984-85 BK252 BK252WS GM
GS1984-85 BK252 BK252WS GS
GV1984-87 BK225 BK225WS GV
GW1984-87 BK225 BK225WS GW
GY1984-85 BK252 BK252WS GY
H21990-91 BK328 BK328WS H2
H21992-93 BK387 BK387WS H2
K4F1996-00 Exc SOHC VTEC BK326 BK326WS K4F
K4F1996-00 SOHC VTEC BK386 BK386WS K4F
L31985-91 (4 & 5 Speed) BK326 BK326WS L3
L31985-91 (6 Speed) (2wd) BK327 BK327WS L3
L31985-91 (6 Speed) (4wd) BK339 BK339WS L3
M21992-01 Non Posi Diff. BK387 BK387AWS M2
M21992-01 Posi Diff. BK387B BK387BWS M2
MSG-5F1994-02 (2wd) BK220C BK220CWS MSG-5F
MSG-5F1994-97 (4wd) BK220B BK220BWS MSG-5F
MSG-5F1998-02 (4wd) BK220B BK220DWS MSG-5F
NRH32002-05 BK483 N/A NRH3
P21994-98 BK387 BK387WS P2
PCY2000-Up BK349 N/A PCY
S21998-02 BK387 BK387AWS S2
S201992-95 (1.5L) BK326 BK326WS S20
S201992-95 (1.6L) BK386 BK386WS S20
S211995-97 BK390 BK390AWS S21
S401996-00 Exc SOHC VTEC BK326 BK326WS S40
S401996-00 SOHC VTEC BK386 BK386WS Honda
S4C1999-00 BK390 BK390AWS S4C
SBXM1998-01 BK280 BK280WS SBXM
SG81996-97 BK386 BK386WS Honda
SHR2000-06 BK257 N/A TBA SHR
SLW2001-05 BK499 N/A SLW
SMJM2007-Up BK520 N/A SMJM
SPFM2006-Up BK514 N/A SPFM
SZB2003-05 BK499A N/A SZB
T5-WC1994-97 BK149 BK149WS T5-WC
Y211994-95 BK390 BK390AWS Y21
Z2M42001-06 BK483 N/A Z2M4
ZF J3 2003-Up TBA N/A TBA ZF J3
ZGM32003-Up BK483A N/A ZGM3

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