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Standard Transmission Bearing Kits & Bearing Kits with synchronizers
Quick Reference Chart by CASE Code
Trans Code Years & Information Bearing Kits Bearing Kits with synchronizers Parts list
2212000-02 Lincoln LS TBA N/A TBA 221
2591961-62 BK268 N/A 259
Aspire 1994-97 Aspire BK200 BK200WS Aspire
CAP51991-94 Non Turbo BK277 BK277WS CAP5
CAP5T1991-94 Turbo BK210 BK210AWS CAP5T
CAPRI1970-78 121ci & 140ci BK170 BK170WS CAPRI
CAPRI1970-78 159ci & 171ci BK169 BK169WS CAPRI
Dagenhiem1965-66 BK342 BK342WS Dagenhiem
ENG1970-72 English Design BK370 N/A TBA ENG
F5F4A2000-04 BK273 BK273WS F5F4A
FOG1978-83 (1-2 Synchros Larger Than 3-4) BK126 BK126WS FOG
FOG1983-86 (1-2 Synchros Same Size as 3-4) BK126 BK126AWS FOG
FTI41988-93 BK200 BK200AWS FTI4
FTI51988-93 BK200 BK200WS FTI5
HED1960-67 BK128 BK128WS HED
HEH1964-70 Toploader Exc 390ci (OE Style Brgs) BK135 BK135WS HEH
HEH1964-70 Toploader Exc 390ci (2 Max Load Brgs) BK135HD BK135HDWS HEH
HEH1964-70 Toploader w/ 390ci (2 Max Load Brgs) BK135HD BK135HDWS HEH
M5TX1991-94 (25.4mm ID Ball Input Brg) BK277 BK277WS M5TX
M5TX1994-96 (24.9mm ID Ball Input Brg) BK277A BK277AWS M5TX
M5TXA1992-03 (15mm Thick Input Brg) BK210C BK210CWS M5TXA
M5TXA1992-03 (16mm Thick Input Brg) BK210 BK210AWS M5TXA
MTX41981-87 (27.00mm ID Front & Rear Input Brg) BK158 BK158WS MTX4
MTX41985-87 (31.75mm ID Front & Rear Input Brg) BK158L BK158LWS MTX4
MTX51984-87 (24T 5th Syncro) BK159 BK159WS MTX5
MTX51984-87 (30T 5th Syncro) BK159 BK159AWS MTX5
MTX51988-95 w/ Brass 1-4 Syncros (except 3.0L) BK159 BK159AWS MTX5
MTX51988-95 w/ FIBER 1-4 Syncros (except 3.0L) BK159 BK159LWS MTX5
MTX51988-95 (3.0L Taurus SHO) BK159B BK159BWS MTX4
MTX751995-Up (18.5mm Thick Front Pinion Brg) BK334 BK334WS MTX75
MTX751995-Up (20.5mm Thick Front Pinion Brg) BK334A BK334AWS MTX4
MTX751995-Up (20.5mm Thick Front & Rear Pinion Brg) BK334A BK334AWS MTX75
PR5T1988-92 BK303 BK303WS PR5T
RAP1979-82 BK110 BK110WS RAP
RKE1989-97 BK248B BK248BWS RKE
RUG1977-83 Iron Case BK113 BK113AWS RUG
RUG1977-83 Alum Case BK113 BK113WS RUG
SR41974-78 (2.3L) BK124 BK124WS SR4
SR41974-78 (302ci) BK125 BK125WS SR4
SR41979-81 BK124 BK124WS SR4
SROD1981-84 BK113 BK113WS SROD
T101962-66 BK166 BK166WS T10
T451996-97 BK250 BK250WS T45
T451998-01 BK250A BK250AWS T45
T5-NWC1983-84 NOT world class BK107 BK107WS T5-NWC
T5-WC1985-93 (2.3L) (65.00mm OD Input Brg) BK149 BK149WS T5-WC
T5-WC1985-93 (2.3L) (65.25mm OD Input Brg) BK149A BK149AWS T5-WC
T5-WC1994-04 (3.8L, 3.9L) BK149 BK149BWS T5-WC
T5-WC2005-up (4.0L) BK149D BK149DWS T5-WC
T5-WC1985-91 (5.0L) BK149 BK149WS T5-WC
T5-WC1992-95 (5.0L) (Except Cobra & Motor Sports) BK149 BK149BWS T5-WC
T5-WC1992-95 (5.0L) Cobra & Motor Sports BK149 BK149BWS T5-WC
T562000-04 BK396 BK396WS T56
T861961-67 BK348 N/A T86
Toploader1964-74 (260 to 351 ci) BK135 BK135WS Toploader
Toploader1964-74 (390 to 429 ci) BK135HD BK135HDWS Toploader
TR41987-89 BK211 BK211AWS TR4
TR51987-89 BK211 BK211WS TR5
TR5A1991-96 BK210 BK210AWS TR5A
TR5B1991-94 (25.4mm ID Input Ball Brg) BK277 BK277WS TR5B
TR5B1994-96 (24.9mm ID Input Ball Brg) BK277A BK277AWS TR5B
TR36502001-04 Slip Yoke BK255 BK255WS TR3650
TR36502005-Up Bolt Yoke BK255A BK255AWS TR3650
Tremec1964-77 (1st Synchro SAME Size as 2-3) BK211 BK211AWS Tremec
Tremec1964-77 (1st Synchro LARGER than 2-3) BK211 BK211WS Tremec
XR41985-89 XR4Ti N/A N/A XR4

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